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Flange ball valves and threaded ball valves their respective application range

Flange ball valves and threaded ball valves their respective application range

May 20,2020

Flange ball valve and threaded ball valve their respective application scope flange ball valve in the use of the process is necessary to maintain, and this maintenance is a daily work, every day to do.Only good maintenance can extend the service life of flange ball valve, let it give full play to its advantages for our service.So, flange ball valve how to maintain?

1, must check the valve switch indicator board and valve number plate, ensure that the identification is clear.If the sign is damaged or comes off, it should be timely subsidized.

2.,to check the flange ball valve bracket and the bolts at the connection, to see whether the parts are connected well, if there is a loose situation, to tighten again.

3. Check the status of key parts of flange ball valve, including packing gland, filling hole, filling hole nut, wire plug, expansion joint, valve cover and valve body connection, to see if there is any abnormal situation of these parts.Ensure all parts are in good working order.

4. in addition to the above routine inspection work, but also once a year to do a major overhaul.Check all aspects of the equipment in detail so as to timely troubleshoot and avoid big losses caused by the breakdown.

In a word, flange ball valve maintenance work is very important, adhere to do can have a good effect.The valve will inevitably fail if it is not operated properly or maintained properly.Like flange ball valve leakage is a common problem, when the flange ball valve failure, so the first time to deal with, but pay attention to find professional maintenance personnel to deal with.Generally, if the flange ball valve is purchased from a large manufacturer, then the manufacturer can provide after-sales service, so if there is a problem, contact the manufacturer so that you can solve the trouble.

As a new type of ball valve device that has been widely used in recent years, threaded ball valve has been widely loved and concerned by consumers.According to the industry, the origin of the name of the screw ball valve, mainly attributed to the way it is connected with the pipe thread connection, in the specific material it is also divided into carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, low temperature steel and ball mill cast iron and other materials.So, compared to other ball valves, what are the characteristics of threaded ball valves?

1, thread ball valve on the structure generally divided into integral, two stages and three, each structure layout reasonable, aesthetically pleasing, accord with the aesthetic view of most consumers, two of the chip, three chip thread ball valve connection mode and adopted b-weld and socket weld mode, and with the international standard support platform and the locking device, driving mode can be divided into manual, electric and pneumatic in three different modes.

2, the seat is the use of elastic sealing structure, easy to start and close, stem part of the application of reverse sealing lower structure, so that effectively avoid abnormal valve chamber when the stem was out.Under such a design structure, the fluid resistance in the threaded ball valve is reduced, even if the medium through will not cause the erosion of the valve seal.

3, from full open to full closed only need to rotate half a cycle, simple operation is also convenient for remote control, the movable seal ring is easy to disassemble and install, so that maintenance and maintenance become more convenient and fast.Because of its simple structure and light weight, it can reduce the pressure of the pipeline.

According to the experimental data, it has been proved that the threaded ball valve can be used in the 1-4mpa and operating temperature in the environment of -29~180 degrees Celsius to effectively cut off and connect the medium in the pipeline, and the medium not only includes who, gas, steam also includes oil, nitric acid and acetic acid and other chemical substances.