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Development trend of gate valve manufacturers in the future

Development trend of gate valve manufacturers in the future

Jun 16,2020

China is a developing country, all walks of life are developing rapidly, the degree of production automation has been greatly improved, pneumatic technology is also growing, the demand for pneumatic products is gradually increasing.Gate valve is one of them, the future development trend of gate valve manufacturers is better and better, its development trend is mainly reflected in the following aspects

1. The market for miniaturized gate valves is growing

Now the space is very precious, small space of a large number of use, make the miniaturized gate valve more and more demand, require the aerodynamic components of the external size to be small, according to market research, the demand for miniaturized components, will increase every year.

2. Combined gate valves are becoming more and more popular

Sometimes the gate valve is not used alone, but to be used in combination, such as cylinder, swing cylinder, pneumatic chuck and vacuum chuck, these several gate valves are used together, this combination of gate valve is becoming more and more popular.

3, high performance and high life gate valve demand

Large complete sets of equipment with high degree of automation will require gate valve manufacturers to produce high performance and long service life, so as to ensure the safety and longevity of use.

4. Valve products requiring high parameters

There are many industries, such as petrochemical, nuclear, metallurgy, navigation, and electronics, that require high-parameter valve products.

Although the gate valve industry in China has a history of decades, the gate valve manufacturer also from less to more, from small to big, but is far from satisfy the demand of the market, everything is still in growing, gate valve manufacturer needs from the production, development, development, sales of various efforts, do the biggest, strongest, can be in the market, has been one of the stable sustainable development.