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What are the features of manual butterfly valve?


    What are the features of manual butterfly valve?

    Update Time:2020/5/12

    1, small and light, easy to disassemble and repair, and can be installed in any position.

    2, simple structure, compact, 90° rotation opening and closing quickly.

    3. Small operating torque, light and labor-saving.

    4, flow characteristics tend to straight line, good regulation performance.

    5, opening and closing tests up to tens of thousands of times, long life.

    6, to achieve complete sealing, gas test leakage is zero.

    7, manual butterfly valve has a simple structure, light weight, material consumption saving, small installation size, small driving torque and other characteristics, used to cut off, put on, adjust the medium in the pipeline, with good fluid control characteristics and sealing performance.

    8, manual butterfly valve can transport mud, the least liquid accumulation in the pipe mouth.Good sealing can be achieved under low pressure.Good adjustment performance.

    9. The linear design of the butterfly plate makes the loss of fluid resistance small, so it can be said that it is an energy-saving product.

    10, manual butterfly valve stem for the rod structure, after conditioning treatment, has a good comprehensive mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance.When manual butterfly valve opens and closes, the valve stem only makes the rotation movement and does not make the rise and fall movement, the valve stem packing is not easy to destroy, the seal is reliable.It is fixed with the butterfly plate taper pin, and the overhanging end is designed to prevent the valve stem from bursting out when the valve stem and butterfly plate are accidentally broken.The driving form has the manual, the worm wheel transmission, the electric, the pneumatic, the hydraulic, the electric hydraulic linkage and so on, may realize the far control and the automation operation.