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How to deal with internal leakage of fire valve?


    How to deal with internal leakage of fire valve?

    Update Time:2020/5/20

    Fire valve is an important accessory for the control of industrial and building pipelines. It is a kind of valve with high control precision, especially for the control of flow.At present widespread use in the industrial control system, in the use of the process will often appear a variety of problems to trouble us, this small make up mainly about the fire valve leakage reasons and treatment methods.

    1, from problems due to the analysis on the causes and solutions, d/repair personnel at the time of processing or assembling due to the process, the influence of the internal leakage is likely to cause electric regulator appeared, at this time is mainly due to the relatively fixed limit switch action, in the control medium of regulator of scour at run time and pattern, will cause the valve doesn't close on the cause of leakage phenomenon.We should mainly adjust the position of the limit switch, we can solve this phenomenon.

    2. Improper debugging of fire valve resulted in internal leakage.Due to the failure of the electric control valve in the control part, the valve limit switch, over-torque switch and other reasons lead to the sealing surface of the wear or corrosion, which will also cause internal leakage.We should still work on adjusting the limit switch.

    3. Because the zero setting of the electric actuator is not accurate, this is the reason why the valve cannot close completely and leak inside.The main adjustment method is to close the valve manually, or to close the valve manually and then turn back half circle, which will adjust and adjust the limit.

    4, the valve is the closing type of push down, if the actuator's thrust is not big enough, it will lead to the valve can not be fully closed and internal leakage.The main solution is to replace the large thrust of the actuator to solve.