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Manual butterfly valve. Pneumatic butterfly valve. Electric butterfly valve between the three differences

Manual butterfly valve. Pneumatic butterfly valve. Electric butterfly valve between the three differences

May 5,2020

Manual butterfly valve has been widely used in the industrial field, especially in the fields of metallurgy, environmental protection, chemical industry and so on.And manual butterfly valve in the use of the scope is still expanding, so, in the end manual butterfly valve has what outstanding advantages, so that it is widely used?In fact, it is mainly the following points.

One, the manual butterfly valve design is reasonable, the structure is scientific, the operation is more convenient, the closure is very fast.And the weight is lighter, can reduce the construction burden.

Second, the operation torque is small, the operation is able to save force, and the operation is very flexible.Greatly improved the work efficiency.

Three, the manual butterfly valve to the environment is relatively strong adaptability, it can use different materials to meet the requirements of different media on temperature and corrosion, so no matter what the environment manual butterfly valve can play the greatest role.

Four, the use of manual butterfly valve performance is very stable, it will not be affected by the flow of media, so no matter what industry and what place can be used to maintain a good state, greatly improve the use of efficiency and quality.

It can be seen that the manual butterfly valve advantage is still very prominent, because of this, it can be favored in the market.But the market is not all manual butterfly valve products have good quality, when selecting the butterfly valve, must first do a survey to understand, to see what manufacturers of products cost-effective.Must not be able to covet small cheap, chose the quality is not good.If the quality is not good, then the probability of failure in the use process is relatively large, the service life is shorter, so must choose high quality.

In many factories and production workshops, equipment maintenance and maintenance has been required to do institutionalization and standardization, although pneumatic butterfly valve is just a common valve device, but in order not to affect the use, extend the service life, daily take necessary maintenance measures is not necessary, so, what maintenance measures?

I. regular maintenance

Although not daily maintenance, but in order to ensure that the pneumatic butterfly valve can meet the use of demand, not sudden strike people unprepared, so can not do routine maintenance, regular personnel inspection is necessary.Pneumatic butterfly valve preventive maintenance includes the working conditions of valve is normal, is applied to the control processing of chemical medium fluid valve to check the corrosion situation, operation has no noise, valve sealing is good, did the valve closed fluid leaks, etc., used in hydraulic power plants of pneumatic butterfly valve and check valve switch have blocked, if there is blockage to clear in time, otherwise it affect the use effect of pneumatic butterfly valve.

Ii. Maintenance and repair

Mechanical equipment failure is inevitable, in addition to regular cleaning of the pneumatic butterfly valve, but also to ensure that the valve seal is good, and regularly check the performance of the pneumatic butterfly valve, the best condition for the pneumatic butterfly valve equipment and instrument test.Failure to find professional maintenance personnel to repair and replace damaged parts, in addition to the failure of predictive maintenance work is also very important.

The service life of the pneumatic butterfly valve is related to the quality of the product itself, whether the late maintenance is in place, according to the correct use method to operate.

Electric butterfly valve is a very common pipeline flow regulation device, a wide range of USES, involving a lot of fields, such as water flow regulation in the reservoir dam hydropower plant, industrial fluid flow regulation in the factory, etc., the following minute to take you specifically understand the characteristics of the advantages of electric butterfly valve and use.

One, good sealing

Sealing is good to the choice of the valve is very important, after all, the role of the electric butterfly valve in time to adjust the flow of the fluid, working in the face of high temperature and high pressure, so if the seal is not good will lead to fluid leakage, can not ensure accurate regulation of flow.And electric butterfly valve has a special sealing system, so in the range of ultra-low temperature to high temperature have a very good sealing, that is, the electric butterfly valve sealing is not affected by the temperature, and electric adjustment valve switch is very convenient.

Two, zero leakage

The most worthy of praise is the electric butterfly valve sealing, the valve stem shaft diameter seal is very sealed seal ring, the seal ring is made of graphite, seal ring and electric butterfly valve disc will not be stuck, so the sealing is quite good, zero leakage fire safety electric butterfly valve is the preferred choice of many customers.

Three, convenient adjustment and control

Electric butterfly valve is used to control the flow of fluid device, in addition to transport regulation fluid, mud and other materials with a certain viscosity can also be transported, and less liquid accumulation in the pipeline, electric opening and closing fast and simple.

The valve type that industry USES is a lot of, but the valve that buys to really satisfactory still needs to expend a thought, electric butterfly valve is applicable scope is wide, can operate strong, sealing is good, it is a kind of type that industry electricity valve applies very much.