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How to identify refurbished valves?

How to identify refurbished valves?

May 11,2020

Now the valve market mixed, illegal vendors for profiteering, counterfeit refurbishment valve with shoddy, to the installation of a great security risk.Therefore, it is necessary to introduce how to identify refurbished valves.

Valve refurbishment is very harmful, not only disturbed the market order, but also the construction quality will cause great potential dangers, causing great social harm.It's not enough that we know about the fraud, we have to identify the refurbished valve, so let me tell you how to identify the refurbished valve.

1. Look at the color, the refurbished valve in the color is very different from the product, the appearance of these low-cost materials color is mostly white, which is more obvious with the valve material green.

2. Look at the steel seal, the steel seal of the valve before the valve has not been overheated treatment, on its embossing, the use of professional steel seal technology, so the font is clear.Refurbished valve font is uneven and fuzzy.

3 look at the oil, fake refurbished valve in order to achieve the purpose of rust, will be on the surface of the valve with a thick oil, so it will reduce the valve's own finish.

4. Look at the valve plate, refurbished valve plate generally have polished traces and rust.

Hope to be engaged in the installation and procurement of friends to provide some help, jointly resist the refurbishment of counterfeit valves, to ensure the safety of construction.